Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to let everyone know that just got in a new shipment of baby gowns and blankets! I have blue and chocolate gowns in 0-3 months and white and blue blankets. They make wonderful baby gifts or Christmas gifts for new babies. You can do one or a set. This is the first time I ordered the chocolate gowns. It is a new color for the gowns and they are soo cute. I wish they would now do the blankets in chocolate now.

By the way, I am no longer taking orders on Christmas items needing to be done by December 1st. I will still take orders, but they will need a two week notice. If I can I will get them to you faster, but it will be first come first serve basis. I am just getting limited on time since Ford is out of school so much in December.

Don't forget to be thinking of Christmas gifts that you need monogrammed. It is always nice to add that personal touch! I still have some clothing inventory for fall items, just let me know what sizes you are looking for. Thanks for following my blog!
Have a great thanksgiving.

Monday, October 12, 2009


People have asked what fabrics I have in order to pick what they want. So, I took pictures of most of it. I add to my collection very frequently, so please ask if there is something else you have in mind. I hope this helps. Just use you imagination. Everyone has there on taste. Also, if you have seen a fabric somewhere that you like just let me know what store and I can get it. If you are ever in a fabric store and see a fabric you like for an applique all I need is an 8th of a yard. If you keep your receipt and it is a fabric I can use again I will pay you back. If you have had pants made and have scrap peices left and would like to use it on the shirt that works too. Thanks again for viewing my blog!

My sewing weekend at my Mom's.

Here is my most recent work. Some of it is last week, but most is from my mom's. Me and my Mom get together and sew for all her grandkids. This weekend we did Christmas and some fall items. We made pants for all the kids and the brown Johnny. So, much more went on besides doing applique. I will post those when I get them done. We did alot, but I still have a few more Christmas appliques I need to do. As for now, here are a few ideas. Keep in mind the colors and fabric can be changed. We were working with what we need them to match.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring '09

Here are a few of my most recent projects. My machine is now in the shop, so I won't have it for a week or two. So I will update again later.